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Production of weldments for exchanger flue

Delivery and installation of new hot water pipeline in Děčín Hospital

Tenba Litvínov Sports Hall

Warehouse Hall – Kadaň Shipyard

Roofing of the silo pit in Bukovna

Riding hall and hay storage

Robin Oil petrol pump

Manufacture of roof lattice steel structures

Production of advertising frames

Renovation and ventilation of the perimeter wall in Meziboří

Thermal insulation of residential buildings in Košťany

Routine maintenance – insulation

OPEX23 + repair of thermal insulation

Replacement of the 5610-ST28 tank

Wastewater management in the tank farm premises

Relocation of the NDB line from PIB

Replacement of burners on the furnaces of bl. 25

Natural gas distribution optimisation

MAZA OXA shutdown

Extension of floating pipeline with water mixtures

PEC BA 111 – Foam-water monitors

Reconstruction of overhead distribution lines in Kralupy tank ST 211

Reconstruction of overhead distribution lines in Kralupy tank ST 108

OXA minor shut-down

Insulation of training centre equipment

Insulation and cladding of tank trucks

Water seal for the intermediate frame of the B2 production unit – Počerady Power Plant

Left and right intermediate frame of the B2 production unit – Počerady Power Plant

Manufacture of sliding gates and stair railings

Repair of ‘SKALKA’ vessel

Stacks and discharge conveyor for bulk material

V400 frame

Repair of flue pipe on K5

Operation test of equipment

Modernisation of the supply water system on PS2533

Turnkey pipe replacement, production unit 25

Replacement of flame-arrester vent plugs and pressure relief valves in Kralupy refinery

Reconstruction of HP part of T700 boilers

Thermal insulation of the building envelope of the Daytime Rehabilitation Centre and Day-Care Centre for children under three years of age in Most

Construction of a workout playground, balancing trail and game boat on Lake Most

Reduction of energy requirements of the 15th Elementary school of Most

CV013100 Kadaň, VDJ Kadaň HTP – reconstruction

Reconstruction of the school workshop ship Děčín

Repair of the Jirkov hot water pipeline

Reconstruction of the DN 300/350 pipeline in the ALFA collector

Production of a floating dock

Supplies of materials and components for suction dredger

Stacks and discharge conveyor for bulk material PORTSAID – BG320 TKF + BG660

Replacement of storage tank level gauges

Replacement of part of pipe branch 1530-LS695 (condensate)

Asphalt oxidation operating unit shut-down

Installation of fibreglass pipeline

HZS Most – parking lot made of interlocking pavement and HZS Litvínov – asphalt road

Revitalisation of the operational and administrative building 1715 (AGRO laboratories) – implementation

Thermal insulation of the cladding and replacement of windows at the Brown Coal Research Institute (VUHU) Most

Reduction of the energy demand of Building No. 3. Elementary school of Most